No Coding Needed

  • Visual workflow – draw your application as you would on a whiteboard
  • Modular components with parameterized behavior – simply connect and configure
  • Built-in library of data science and BI modules – Decision Trees, Categorization, Regression, Recommendation as drag and drop components
  • Code complexity abstracted from end-user
  • Seamlessly reuse custom R, Python or Java implementations

Collaborate, Extend, Reuse

  • Build company specific modules and share across your teams
  • Launch new analytics apps with minimal effort using our proven library of modules
  • Automate and extend existing BI implementations
  • Easily integrate with in-memory processing systems, SQL and Hadoop data stores

Cloud Based

  • Run your analytics where your data is — no data movement needed
  • Easily scale with Hadoop as your data needs grow
  • Choose from flexible deployment options ­ hosted or on-premise, based on security and speed considerations